Jonathan is committed to providing professional legal counsel. He will personally attend to any legal matter for which he is retained and will clearly state the bases upon which he is retained, including the scope of engagement and the amount of his legal fee.

He is licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland and in the District of Columbia. However, for federal tax matters, his firm can represent individual and institutional clients anywhere in the United States and can work cooperatively with local professionals in structuring charitable gift plans or creating charitable entities across the country.

This firm's practice is centered in several interrelated areas:
assisting nonprofit organizations with the legal aspects of
   their creation, qualification, governance and operation,
enhancing the fundraising efforts of charitable organizations,
   and assisting charities in accepting gifts of sophisticated
   assets or through sophisticated gift planning vehicles,
structuring and implementing charitable gift plans on behalf
   of donors and their families,
assisting families in structuring their estate plans for federal
   and state tax and non-tax purposes, including the creation
   of Wills, trusts, economic powers of attorney and
   heath care directives,
assisting families in dealing with the estate administration
   process when a family member has passed, and
assisting business owners in the creation, governance, and
   succession planning of their businesses, and in the sale
   or purchase of assets, stock or other interests in their

Jonathan launched, which is dedicated to helping charities and other nonprofits help themselves. GetGoodGovernance offers an efficient governance policy production and implementation process at a reasonable price, and currently has 4 Policy Packages which are easily customizable, through a secure online portal, to meet the individual needs of small, mid-sized and large nonprofits. Jonathan also launched specifically for Maryland nonprofits and for District of Columbia nonprofits. GetGoodGovernance also offers a Legal Compliance Review component to certain nonprofits.

He is able to assist in any of the following areas:

Charitable Gift Planning

    Charitable Organizations
    Donors & Their Families
    Advisors to Donors
    Consultants to Charitable Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

Corporate/Business Matters

Estate Planning

Probate - Estate Administration

Tax Matters