Nonprofit Organizations

Jonathan has represented organizations that support a broad array of charitable purposes, including social services, education, religion, health care, international relief, environmental protection, and arts and culture. He has worked with schools, religious institutions, museums, hospitals, trade and professional associations, social clubs, and agricultural organizations. He has represented grant-making organizations, such as private and public foundations, Type-1 and Type-3 supporting organizations, and national donor advised funds, and has addressed issues associated with international charitable activities. When a professional athlete wanted to match his notoriety with his philanthropic endeavors, Jonathan considered the options and assisted him in that regard.

Jonathan has also represented these clients regarding legislative and regulatory tax matters at all levels of government. He has testified before the IRS and the U.S. Treasury Department, negotiated tax issues at the highest levels of the IRS and presented testimony on Capitol Hill on matters of substance to these clients.

As a volunteer, Jonathan expanded his knowledge and experience by serving as president and board member of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (formerly National Committee on Planned Giving (NCPG)), by serving on a committee to create standards of excellence for the nonprofit community in the State of Maryland, and by serving on advisory committees and on boards of various charitable organizations. In conjunction with NCPG's Government Relations Committee, he drafted and reviewed tax legislation, and worked with staff writing tax counsel of the legislative committees of the Senate and the House and with representatives of individual Congresspersons.

Jonathan recently launched, which is dedicated to helping charities and other nonprofits help themselves. GetGoodGovernance offers a successful governance policy production and implementation process at a reasonable price, and currently has 4 Policy Packages which are easily and efficiently customizable, through a secure online portal, to meet the individual needs of small, mid-sized and large nonprofits. GetGoodGovernance also offers a Legal Compliance Review component to certain nonprofits. Learn more at, Jon's governance policy production and implementation process which helps charities and other nonprofit organizations help themselves.

How Can We Work Together?

This firm can assist in the creation of any non-profit organization. Several issues arise in that process, such as the proper tax-exempt classification for the organization and whether the corporate or trust form is most suited to meet the organization's needs. Once determined, we will prepare the organization's governing documents in conformity with the tax rules. Then, we will prepare the necessary materials to file with the Internal Revenue Service and assist in navigating through the approval process with the IRS.

Many different legal issues arise in the operation of nonprofit organizations - compliance with legal and tax requirements, unrelated business income tax, fiduciary liability and duties of its board of directors/trustees and officers, nonprofit mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions, changing of governing documents, endowment issues, governance policy development, and compliance with the public support test. Working in conjunction with Charitable Registry, LLC (, Jonathan has also devoted significant time to the area of charitable solicitations.

This firm works on an hourly basis, a project basis or a retainer basis. This firm can work strategically on a particular project or on an ongoing basis.

To learn more, please contact Jonathan.

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