Advisors to Donors

Jonathan can broaden the array of services advisors provide to their clients and enhance their value.

Whether advisors are attorneys, certified public accountants, investment, insurance or financial professionals, or trust or personal banking officers, they all strive to create and implement an estate or financial plan that is in the best interests of their clients.

However, structuring, implementing and administering a charitable gift plan require interrelated and different disciplines. For instance, advisors may find themselves in the middle of a charitable gift structure or an already implemented charitable gift plan in which difficult questions are now being raised, or with a charitable corporation or trust that may have some qualification or other operational issues. Maybe, the advisor senses an opportunity for a charitable gift vehicle, but is unsure how to properly implement it. Inherently complex and technical rules apply to these charitable gifts and entities - don't run excessive risks when assisting in the creation or administration of a charitable gift plan or a charitable entity.

Sometimes, just getting the family to the table to begin the planning process can be a very daunting task. It is possible that the idea of integrating a charitable gift (and the attendant personal benefits associated with such a gift) into their estate, financial or tax planning can be just the catalyst to begin that critical process.

How Can We Work Together?

Jonathan can assist advisors in creating charitable gift vehicles that meet their clients' estate, tax, financial and philanthropic goals, and maximize the amount being distributed to their families and to charity. He can create private and public charities to use in coordination with these gift plans, when such entities meet the goals of their clients.

This firm works on an hourly basis, project basis or a retainer basis. This firm will work strategically on a particular client project or on an ongoing basis to consider other clients' circumstances or to administer any newly created charitable gift vehicles or charitable organizations on behalf of their clients.

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